Our Focus

DNFS was incorporated in March 1997. David Nestor’s father, grandfather and great grandfather had all operated traditional haulage businesses.

David’s progression into the transport sector was generally considered unlikely, as, David is blind.

However, David did not entertain this consensus. David believed in his own aptitude for both understanding transport requirements and, for visualising progressive ways of establishing a modern transport operation.

Essentially, what David conceived as being the business model which he would create was a brokerage style operation which would assemble a panel of subcontractors with a variety of vehicle types which would then permit DNFS to service a broad range of customer requirements.

This approach proved to be an effective way to enter the transport market.

DNFS achieved momentum and commenced attaining credibility.

David recognised that where his initial approach had been effective, to accomplish greater success and distinction, an inclination to continuously identify areas where business evolution would be accomplished was an imperative.

David recognised that utilising sub-contractors was a good business model, however, the limitation of that approach was that DNFS was constrained by the equipment type operated by the sub-contractors.

David believed that there was opportunity to be unlocked by owning specialist semi-trailers which the sub-contractors did not have access to.

Initially, DNFS purchased high cubed curtain sided semi-trailers. This equipment permitted DNFS to secure opportunities in both the packaging and air freight markets.

Beyond that, DNFS purchased high cube climate controlled semi-trailers, box vans and skeletal semi-trailers.

Throughout the years, DNFS continued to be innovative and to target areas where specialisation allowed the company to grow in strength.

Why Choose Us


Most people and organisations simply follow the crowd, DNFS always endeavour to lead it.


DNFS strive to accomplish the optimum service and support for our customers. Generally this necessitates investment and commitment, however, we accept these factors as being the foundation of our commitment to our customers.


Customer confidence can only be accomplished through reliability. From our perspective, we simply accept that failure is not an option.


We believe that it is not adequate to be effective some of the time, it must be accomplished every time.

We will provide solutions to overcome your challenges.

We are always innovative and we have the resources to back it. We can offer scale & specialization.