Service Stations

DNFS operate two high profile service stations in the Dublin area:

Certa is Irelands first and largest network of unmanned petrol fillings stations in Ireland. Certa are part of DCC PLC who operate over 1,000 unmanned forecourts across Europe and in the UK under the Shell, Esso, QStar and Gulf brands. There are currently 36 Certa stations across the country, with ambitious growth plans and constantly looking for initiatives to improve our customer offering.

Certa Ballymount

Certa Ballymount is located just off Junction 10 on the M50 (3-5 Ballymout Rd Upper), offering petrol, diesel, AdBlue and Gasoil 24hours a day, 365 days in the year. With two dedicated high speed truck pumps and two car pumps and site is laid out for a quick convenient fill. The site accepts Debit, Credit and all major fuel cards including Emo and DCI. The site is also equipped with state of the art security equipment, although unmanned by definition it is constantly monitoring and we have installed yellow help points in key area which allow you to speak to us any time of the day, give us feedback or answer any questions you may have.

Emo Oil is part of DCC PLC a leading Oil & LPG business in Europe delivering over 13billions litres of fuel annually. In Ireland in the refuelling sector, we operate under the Emo Oil, Certa, Jones Oil and Campus brands, with 212 locations nationwide.

Emo Crag Avenue

Emo Express Crag Avenue is located in Crag Avenue Business Park, Ballymanaggin, Dublin 22 is specifically designed for HGVs & LCVs to refuel in a quick and easy manner. Open 24/7, 365 days a week the site offers Diesel, Gas Oil & Adblue. The site also has a retail car specific diesel pump. All major Debit, Credit and fuel cards are accepted at this site including Emo and DCI.